Georgian Royal Wine


Kakheti viticulture region

Classification: Table wine
Grape: Kisi Mtsvane 100%
Grapes Harvest source: 100 % Company’s own vineyards located on the right bank of Alazani river
Wine Type: White Dry wine. The wine fermented according to an ancient traditional method of ageing in qvevri (clay vessel buried underground).
ABV: 13,5%
Serving Temperature: +10°C + 14°C
Storage Temperature: +5°C +20°C
Color: Dark straw
Aroma: Breed aroma typical for a Kisi grape
Taste: Kisi is unique from other white wines from its breed aromas and fruit flavours like ripe apple, peach and pear.
The wine is recommended with fish, roasted meat pudding and prepared on a pair of seafood