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Georgia Royal Wine

This is a product from small family business with a beautiful name called Georgian Royal Wine (Georgian Royal Wine), which produces high quality Georgian wines using traditional methods. The philosophy of the company is based on ancient traditions of Georgian wine production, which is due to legendary Kakhetian technology and is not used in any other country. Georgian Royal Wine (Georgian Royal Wine) was founded in 2011 by Giorgi Kupreishvili and the successor of Revaz Karalashvili’s family. The company produces high quality Georgian wine using traditional methods. Several generations of KARALASHVILI’s family worked very hard to create special wine. Consequently, the founder of this brand says that love for wine is in it. The philosophy of the company is based on ancient traditions of Georgian wine production. And modern technology. The manufacturer also offers clay pitcher wines that are manufactured in ancient traditional technology and are not used in any other country. The name of the company is a symbol of the genus origin. The name of Kharalashvilis is from the ancient noble family, the wine label is depicted in the karalashvilis emblem


Georgia Royal Wine

GRW’s wine is full of cyclic processing. The wine factory is cultivated in the land of Karalashvilis, which is surrounded by the regulated vineyards.


GRW company produces several variations of wines. Among them are the legendary witches such as Mukuzani, Saperavi, Pirosmani, Kindzmarauli, Khvanchkara, and white wines from Tsinandali, Rkatsiteli, Alazani Valley., Kisi, Green

The manufacturer of the exotic and esthetic amateurs offers clay pitcher wines made from the ancient traditional technology.

GRW's red wines are characterized by intense pomegranate color and expressive varieties of bouquets, dominated by raspberries and almonds, a fragrance of cinnamon and cinnamon fragrance.

GRW White Wines - This is a straw, soft, soft drink that is characterized by light acidity and notes of fowl and fruit aroma.


Georgia Royal Wine

Our vineyards

Company owned vineyards are mainly cultivated in Kvareli district. Most of them are located in specific micro-zones.

Grapes are grown on 16 hectares of green, 15 hectares of grape varieties “Kisi” and “Rkatsiteli”, Kindzmarauli micro-zone in 62 hectares of Saperavi varieties are grown from which red semi-sweet wine “Kindzmarauli” is made.

By 2018 we get harvest from our vineyards from 93 hectares of vineyards, and by 2020 the plant will be 125 hectares of vineyards.

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Georgia Royal Wine

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Georgia Royal Wine


Our products are designed for about 80 percent of the foreign market realizatsiistvis.tsarmogidgent those countries, which we are exporting.

Eskveqnebia: Japan, China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Tajikistan, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Italy, the United States.

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Georgia, 4800, Kvareli, Matikashvili street 55

18+ * Alcohol is a great amount of passion for your health